Cat McDermid Tisbury 2015 02

Now that 2016 has been well and truly welcomed in, we’re very excited to announce The Cherubim Trust’s new school outreach project for 2016/17.

The Cherubim Trust is looking to provide musical enrichment to the primary school children in rural West Wiltshire through workshops and concerts given by our Cherubim Young Music Ambassadors. Subject to funding, the pilot scheme starts in Autumn 2016 and during the academic year Cherubim Young Musicians will be collaborating with local peripatetic instrumental teachers in 10 rural primary schools to inspire the uptake of music.

The groundwork for this project was laid by outstanding workshop-concert given as part of the Cherubim Mozart Weekend in Tisbury by the Magnard Ensemble (featuring Cherubim Young Musician Joseph Shiner) to 67 Year 6 pupils from 4 local schools. At the end of the afternoon, 65 of the children expressed a desire to learn a musical instrument.We will build on this enthusiasm with a strategy for engaging children in instrumental learning.

To read further about our project see our Appeal Booklet 

  The Appeal

Previous generations were fortunate enough to be provided with a musical education as part of their formative years. This will have impacted on everyone in some way – whether it merely gave them a love of listening to music, or spurred them to a career as a performing musician. With the present dwindling resources in the state sector, large swathes of current and future generations are at risk of losing access to a quality of music education worth the name; and thus stand to be deprived of any opportunity to pursuing a career in music.

The Trust is appealing for £19,224 to carry out this project.