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The Cherubim Music Trust (Charity #1088403) owes its existence to Clancy Steer, who founded it in response to her personal experience and keen understanding of the needs of young musicians:

“Our daughter Serafina chose to take up the harp aged seven. To begin with, she had access to a table harp (clarsach) For her first pedal harp we were able to buy an aged Pleyel for £1200. After the VIth form at Chethams Specialist Music School, where she had access to a first-rate concert harp, in 2000 she was due to go to music college and we were faced with buying her a £10,000 instrument. As we had only recently moved house a further loan was out of the question. For us, a genuine fairy godmother provided a suitable instrument, which laid the ground for Serafina’s later successes as a harpist and songwriter.”

By way of gratitude Clancy took steps to create the Cherubim Music Trust to help others in similar situations.

The National Foundation for Youth Music confirms that after years of inadequate funding and the advent of student loans, many talented student musicians do not have the resources to acquire instruments that match their performance needs. The difference in the cost of a good student instrument and that of a professional one is measured in thousands of pounds. Whilst this is not one of the world’s most urgent issues, it is a huge problem for most young musicians starting out in music.




Deirdre Clancy Steer


Clancy founded Cherubim and has been tirelessly involved in its growth. She has played a key role in the development of modern theatre since 1966. From her seminal years at the London Royal Court Theatre, where she designed all the early Edward Bond plays, she has collaborated with many of the world’s leading theatre, opera and film directors, designing nearly 200 productions on all over the world. Among her awards are two Olivier Best Costume Awards and a BAFTA-Film Best Costume Award for Mrs Brown.



Michael Maxwell Steer


Clancy’s husband is currently directing the Trust. A former BBC music producer and Head of 20thC Studies at the Junior Royal College of Music, he composes and teaches in Wiltshire while maintaining a career as a performer.


David Ganderton


David took over the position of Chair from Felix Rigg in 2017. He is a lifelong music lover who has recently moved to Tisbury. He approaches his new responsibilities with an equal measure of enthusiasm and trepidation.




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