Rothermere-Gosling Bassoon from Cherubim Music Trust

Moosmann Bassoon No. 200 Soloist Model

Seasoned curly mountain maple wood from Bosnia, stained mahogany; French polish lacquer; 27 keys made of German silver, silver-plated; all fingerholes have hard rubber tubes, protruding inside the bore; 9 rollers.

  • Seasoned curly mountain maple
  • »Excellent« series bocal
  • French polish lacquer finish
  • High-D-key
  • E/F# trill key/ left hand, middle finger
  • C# trill right hand, 1st finger
  • Double Bb key/ right hand, 3rd finger
  • Double low C key, removeable
  • Tubes protruding inside bore
  • Silverplated keywork
  • Double Eb/ C# D# trill key
  • High-E-key