Some Cherubim Young Artists with patron Tasmin Little and Trust founder Clancy Steer.

These instruments are available
Horn – Besson French Horn, ‘the Freer’
Oboe – Howarth
Tuba – B&S F orchestral, ‘Charles Steer’

We encourage applicants to apply for other instruments.

These instruments are currently on loan
Bassoon – Moosmann, the ‘Rothermere-Gosling’
Cello – Collin-Mezin, ‘the Rothermere’ & ‘Curzon Trust’ case
Cello – by John Corsby (1820)
Clarinet Eb – Buffet RC, ‘the Mellor-Calvert’
Flute – Bass Altus
Flute – Azumi, ‘the Manser’
Guitar – Yairi spanish, ‘the Coper’
Harp – Morley clarsach, ‘the Todd’
Harp – Salvi Aurora, the ‘Promenaders – Charles Steer’
Horn – Paxman French Horn, ‘the Gosling’
Marimba – Marimba One
Piano – 2 Yamaha Uprights
Viola – 16″ WH Lee of Chicago, ‘the Storrs’
Violin – Krutz Avant 850 violin & William Pierce violin bow

We welcome applications for instruments not on our list, which may feature in a forthcoming appeal.