Cherubim Trust is fundraising to buy a double bass to award to 15 year old Daria Lalji.

Lalji crop

At 15, Daria Lalji is one of the youngest double-bass players to perform with the London Schools Symphony Orchestra. Prior to that she was a member of the National Children’s Orchestra for 4 years. She won first prize in the U12 Double-Bass category at Sutton Music Festival in 2012, and the year before was a finalist on Trumpet in the Wandsworth Young Musician competition.

Daria is presently at City of London Freemen’s School, and on Saturdays attends the Merton Music Foundation, where she studies double-bass, trumpet, piano and singing, in preparation for music college.

We have some funds available from a donor, and proceeds from our Trevor Pinnock recital will contribute to the cost of this addition to Cherubim’s instrument bank. But with a price around £6,000, we welcome all donations.
We look forward to welcoming Daria into our wonderful team of Cherubim Young Musicians, and to seeing her playing blossom with the help of our new instrument.