Crossing Points: Cherubim Youth Music Festival: Sunday Evening

Contemplative Choral Concert


Bach Cantata movements with obbligato solos

Komm Jesu komm (Cantata BWV61)
Wenn die Frühlingslüfte (Wedding Cantata BWV202)
Erbärme dich (St Matthew Passion)
Stürze zu Boden (Cantata BWV126)
Violin Sonata V, larghetto
Welt Ade (Cantata BWV158)

Byrd, Bruckner, Steer: sublime a cappella choruses

Byrd: Justorum Animae. Mass for Five Voices.
A Carowle for Christmas Day.
Bruckner: Ave Maria.
Steer: The Quiet Spaces (FIRST PERFORMANCE)

Greg Skidmore is one of the country’s leading younger choral conductors. He conducted our Easter Gabrieli Weekend, and now returns with his choir of ex-choral scholars, the Lacock Scholars, in glorious works by Bach,Byrd & Bruckner, accompanied by Cherubim’s two historic instruments. The evening concludes with the premiere of MM Steer’s settings of poems by the 20thC Oxford mystic Sally Purcell. The Quiet Spaces is her creative reinvention of the liturgical year in the language of perennial wisdom — set for the same vocal combination as the Byrd Mass.

Lacoc Scholars & soloists
conductor Greg Skidmore
Gabriella Jones
Josh Salter
Michael Maxwell Steer


Sponsored by John Manser and David Price