Magnard Ensemble - CMF 20 November 2015

The Savile Club bass clarinet will be making an appearance on the Magnard Ensemble‘s upcoming debut recording,Revolting Rhymes and Marvellous Music‘,which celebrates Roald Dahl’s centenary year by fusing spoken word and music. It will be released on Orchid Classics in the Spring of 2017 (exact yet yet to be confirmed) and consists of settings of Roald Dahl‘s poetry by eminent British composers Paul Patterson and Martin Butler.The Savile bass clarinet features prominently in the first movement of Martin Butler’s work Dirty Beasts, entitled ‘The Pig’, in which an unusually intelligent pig turns the tables on his former master. The instrument has already been featured in numerous concerts around the UK promoting the project, as well as live on BBC Radio 3’s ‘In Tune‘ programme hosted by Suzy Klein.

Listen to the Radio 3 performance: the Magnard interview starts at 1 hour 25 minutes.