Julia White embarks on cruise ship tours

Julia White has been giving regular concert tours for P&O and Cunard: and this year she is looking forward to trips to Hawaii and the South Pacific, the Med, Iceland & Greenland. Shes says ‘If any Cherubim supporters happen to be on one of the same cruises, it would be great if they made themselves known, and we can talk about my Cherubim oboe.’

She got a great review from a performance of Tombeau de Couperin with the new Bishop’s Stortford Sinfonia – ‘…an exquisite cantabile performance from oboist Julia White’ – under conductor Rebecca Miller.

Her new project is with Music in Hospitals & Care for 2018: ICU Hear. Live music in the intensive care ward at St Mary’s Paddington. Julia writes: ‘Some of the encounters I have had at St Mary’s have been among my most moving experiences as a musician.’ Music in Hospitals are hoping to roll out the project to other locations in the coming months.