Midsummer Song event raises £1,000 profit

Thank you so very much to all who attended the Midsummer Song event this weekend, but special thanks to MJ & Deb who assisted Clancy in preparing food for the singers, and much else, as well as helping James & Freddy Scott-Clarke in setting out and clearing up. Brilliant work. And thanks to many others for their part in another successful event as well.
It was a superbly judged and well executed concert as you will be able to judge from the video when it’s available. We were extremely lucky that the afternoon rain ended in good time, and by 20:30 there was the semblance of a rosy sunset. We had about £250.00 worth of prizes donated by Tesco, including a Samsung Tablet, a big Breville toaster and some Star Wars/Lego figures. Plus there were two bottles from the Beckford Bottle Shop. We are pleased to announce that the event has raised about £1000 after costs have been taken into account. 

Around two thirds of the audience was new to Cherubim events, which is brilliant news. The involvement of the Arts Society was undoubtedly most helpful, as was presenting a vocal concert. The higher cost of tickets does not appear to have been a disincentive, perhaps because the promised quality of the performers and type of event created an air of confidence. 

The use of the courtyard bays worked extremely well, the acoustics were good. Accommodating ten seats per row should give us a capacity of 150 undercover for the planned ‘Kidstravaganza‘ later this year.
The videos are now public on YouTube – here’s the links: Midsummer Song 1 and Midsummer Song 2. Photos in this article by Maxwell.