We’re delighted to announce the acquisition of a new Majestic vibraphone for Diogo Gomes, an MA Jazz student at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama.

Vibraphone M 3372=400[2][4]
Diogo writes: “I plan on using the instrument on my personal projects, both solo and in groups, ranging from jazz to classical and contemporary music, This being my third year in the UK I have quite a few concerts arranged. I intend to use it extensively for personal practice in order to develop to the max during my time at the Royal Welsh. Nothing fulfils me more than to see a smile on people’s faces whenever I speak through my music. The vibraphone is my favourite instrument, and having full-time access to it will truly make my dreams come true. Since coming to the UK I have been working in retail and promotional events to pay my tuition fees and living costs – all whilst studying at college and performing at every chance I get – regardless of sleep! But it’s all worth it: my goals are bigger than any sacrifices I need to make.