In the new year Cherubim will be seeking to extend the range of its instruments by appealing for £12k to purchase two new instruments: The first is a £6200 Musser Vibraphone for Diogo Gomes, who is taking a Masters degree at the Royal Welsh College.


Diogo says: “My plan is to use this instrument for solo and groups projects, from jazz to classical and contemporary music. I have concerts throughout the year where knowing I have access to a vibraphone would make a tremendous difference. It being my third year the opportunity for intensive personal practice, without depending on access to the practice instruments at the RWC, would be tremendous“.


My greatest joy is to bring a smile to people’s faces when I speak through my music. This vibraphone would be the fulfilment of a dream, enabling me to bring the beautiful sound of it to more people. Since I have been in the UK, I have been working in retail and promotional events in order to be able to pay for my tuition fees and living costs – all whilst studying at college and performing on every chance I get – regardless of sleep! But it is all worth it, as my goals are bigger than any sacrifices I need to make“.

Musser Vibes

The vibraphone will become a stablemate for our fabulous marimba.

We’re also seeking for support for the acquisition of a £6000 Yanigasawa baritone saxophone with a JodyJazz HR6 mouthpiece for Max Thomas, currently awaiting final offers from four music colleges

Max writes “I study both classical and jazz saxophone and aim to develop a career in orchestras and big bands, and will be taking a conducting module. Having bought an alto and tenor sax I cannot afford to purchase a baritone (which I love) as well which would extend my range and experience in both classical and jazz performance. I have studied alto for 10 years, baritone for 4 years and tenor for 3. I was  Band Captain of our 120-piece Marching Band at Christ’s Hospital, playing tenor. Over the past 4 year I also played alto and baritone in our Concert Band, Big Band and Senior Jazz Ensembles with numerous solos.  At other times I was a member of NYJO (National Youth Jazz Orchestra) and toured with them to Germany & Belgium and the Dordogne International Jazz Festival. I sometimes  play in a local ska band.

Yanagisawa Bari SaxThomas maxjazzandblues