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Wednesday, 15 March, 2017

Prize-winning awardee Heather Brooks

Brooks H3

Heather Brooks, our awardee of the Promenaders-Charles Steer Harp, has been on a winning streak . She has won competitions at the Purcell School to perform at Wigmore Hall on 22nd April 2017 and at St James Piccadilly 23rd June 2017.

Heather has also won Round One of the Rotary Young Musician of the Year.

Thursday, 9 March, 2017

BBC News: “Music could face extinction” in secondary schools


BBC News says that music “could face extinction” as a subject in secondary schools in England, researchers have warned as it is squeezed out by the new Ebacc, which is a measure in school league tables. A five year survey by Sussex University of 657 state and 48 private schools found that schools found that schools offering Music BTEC level 2 fell from 166 in 2012 to just 50 in 2016, and the number offering music GCSE falling from 85% to 79% over the same period.

Whereas music was compulsory in 84% of schools for 13- 14 year olds in 2012, four years later this figure had fallen to 62%. Furthermore 39% of the teachers reported cuts to music staff numbers, while only 17% reported increases.

In 30% of secondary schools the music department consisted of just one teacher, up from 22% five years ago, the survey found. NasUwt teachers’ union say that all non-EBacc subjects, including music, are being restricted, with specialist teachers having their hours cut, being made redundant or not being replaced when they left. Their general secretary Chris Keates said “Increasingly, where music lessons or activities are offered by schools, these are at a charge, thereby restricting access.” Deborah Annetts, chief executive of the ISM urged ministers “to listen to the evidence before any more damage is done.”

Tuesday, 7 March, 2017

Meet Zachary Hayward – new awardee for our Paxman Horn

Monday, 27 February, 2017

Meet Hannah – the new awardee of our ‘Rothermere – Gosling’ bassoon

Hannah Harding

Hannah Harding

Hannah Harding is the new awardee of our ‘Rothermere – Gosling’ bassoon. Hannah studies with Catherine Millar at Berkshire Maestros, plays in the Bracknell Concert Band, the Corelli Orchestra, and the NYO Inspire Wind Ensemble. She is currently working towards her DipABRSM, and is considering the RNCM /Manchester University joint course.


Tuesday, 21 February, 2017

A new bow for the Trust

BrodBark 4504

One of Cherubim’s founding supporters Nigel Brodrick-Barker has donated a Richard Weichold violin bow which he picked up inexpensively at an auction recently. We have to wait for it to be re-haired to be able to assess its true quality; but it is potentially a very exciting find. Weichold was a respected Dresden bow-maker in the late 19th Century, who studied with Hermann Pfretschner, who had himself studied with the great Vuillaume in Paris. Weichold bows have fetched £1800 at Bonhams, and one was sold for $6000 in New York not long ago! Many thanks Nigel.


bow Weichold 0556

A baroque violin for Cherubim


Mrs Carole Dale is endowing the purchase of a baroque violin in memory of her late husband, Keith Dale. This will be the Trust’s third violin, but differs from the other two as it will be gut strung, and a companion instrument for our 1828 Corsby cello. It’s first awardee will be Gabriella Jones, a postgraduate at the RCM.

Jones 2016

Friday, 17 February, 2017

News about Victoria Richmond

Since joining RCM last year Victoria Richmond has been performing left, right and centre – including the Marcello Oboe Concerto in a Student Spotlight concert.

Richmond wh1408CU

‘My teacher John Anderson is truly inspirational. As a member of the RCM Chorus I had the enormous privilege of being conducted by Bernard Haitink in November, and the performance of Ravel’s Daphnis et Chloe with the RCM Symphony Orchestra was an unforgettable experience. 

In the orchestral auditions I was placed as Second Oboe in the RCM Philharmonic which was a great surprise for my first term. Our term project was Beethoven’s Eroica Symphony of which we gave an exciting performance. 

I’ve not been able to play the Cherubim cor anglais much recently as I have been getting used to College and developing my oboe technique, however I am very much looking forward to playing it soon. My next assignment is playing second oboe in Mozart’s Bassoon Concerto, Overture to Mitridate and Symphony No. 35 in the RCM Philharmonic which I am greatly looking forward to.’

Friday, 10 February, 2017

Cherubim instruments getting an outing

The Pisces Trio, led by Cherubim Young Musician Josh Salter on the Corsby cello performed string trios with Gabriella Jones (violin) and Jordan Bowron (viola) at the Savile Club on Friday 3 February 2017.


And on Sunday 12 March, Cherubim Young Musician Jenni Moss will be performing on clarinet in Michael Maxwell Steer’s studio in Tisbury in the Brahms Clarinet Sonata accompanied by Conal Bembridge-Sayers, and in Schubert’s The Shepherd on the Rock with soprano Marienella Phillips.


Saturday, 21 January, 2017

New Year – new instruments!

In the new year Cherubim will be seeking to extend the range of its instruments by appealing for £12k to purchase two new instruments: The first is a £6200 Musser Vibraphone for Diogo Gomes, who is taking a Masters degree at the Royal Welsh College.


Diogo says: “My plan is to use this instrument for solo and groups projects, from jazz to classical and contemporary music. I have concerts throughout the year where knowing I have access to a vibraphone would make a tremendous difference. It being my third year the opportunity for intensive personal practice, without depending on access to the practice instruments at the RWC, would be tremendous“.


My greatest joy is to bring a smile to people’s faces when I speak through my music. This vibraphone would be the fulfilment of a dream, enabling me to bring the beautiful sound of it to more people. Since I have been in the UK, I have been working in retail and promotional events in order to be able to pay for my tuition fees and living costs – all whilst studying at college and performing on every chance I get – regardless of sleep! But it is all worth it, as my goals are bigger than any sacrifices I need to make“.

Musser Vibes

The vibraphone will become a stablemate for our fabulous marimba.

We’re also seeking for support for the acquisition of a £6000 Yanigasawa baritone saxophone with a JodyJazz HR6 mouthpiece for Max Thomas, currently awaiting final offers from four music colleges

Max writes “I study both classical and jazz saxophone and aim to develop a career in orchestras and big bands, and will be taking a conducting module. Having bought an alto and tenor sax I cannot afford to purchase a baritone (which I love) as well which would extend my range and experience in both classical and jazz performance. I have studied alto for 10 years, baritone for 4 years and tenor for 3. I was  Band Captain of our 120-piece Marching Band at Christ’s Hospital, playing tenor. Over the past 4 year I also played alto and baritone in our Concert Band, Big Band and Senior Jazz Ensembles with numerous solos.  At other times I was a member of NYJO (National Youth Jazz Orchestra) and toured with them to Germany & Belgium and the Dordogne International Jazz Festival. I sometimes  play in a local ska band.

Yanagisawa Bari SaxThomas maxjazzandblues

Monday, 5 December, 2016

Cherubim Schools Music Outreach


Ex-LSO violinist William Benham & Cherubim Trust director Michael Maxwell Steer perform a short varied programme for the children of Broadchalke School, Wiltshire, as part of the programme.