Deirdre Clancy Steer, Hon D Univ (UCE)

Clancy founded Cherubim and has been tirelessly involved in its growth. She has played a key role in the development of modern theatre since 1966. From her seminal years at the London Royal Court Theatre, where she designed all the early Edward Bond plays, she has collaborated with many of the world’s leading theatre, opera and film directors, designing nearly 200 productions on all over the world. Among her awards are two Olivier Best Costume Awards and a BAFTA-Film Best Costume Award for Mrs Brown.

Acting Director
Michael Maxwell Steer

Clancy’s husband is currently directing the Trust. A former BBC music producer and Head of 20thC Studies at the Junior Royal College of Music, he composes and teaches in Wiltshire while maintaining a career as a performer.

Felix Rigg

Felix Rigg is a composer and pianist who recently retired after a successful career in property.

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