Leave a Resounding Legacy

We welcome bequests and donations in memory of loved ones. Where funds are sufficient an instrument can be named for that person for its lifetime. It can be possible to share naming rights to an instrument, as they vary considerably in price.
As we loan only professional calibre instruments costs range from about £5000 to £20,000 (harps and high quality stringed instruments). Most lie between £6000 and £9000. We work with donors to ensure that their wishes are respected and best value is obtained when purchasing instruments.

Examples of projects undertaken are:
Mellor-Calvert clarinet, a £2500 Eb clarinet in memory of Ben Mellor-Calvert.
Charles Steer tuba, a £5000 F tuba in memory of Charles Steer.
Promenaders–Charles Steer harp, a £17,500 harp bought with a substantial donation from The Promanaders’ Musical Charities, and memorial donations for Charles Steer.

Charles Steer and his harpist grand-daughter Serafina Steer.